A little bit about me

Hey everyone! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Welcome to my learning blog.

My name is Lily, a gal from Sydney and I’m a constant globe traveler, language learner, and free spirit. I have been passionate about the education and learning space for a long time, having previously founded my own education startup for 5 years. I joined the NewCampus team mid-2018, a life long learning school, first as their Singaporean Country Manager & now Global Host Success finding world-class speakers & instructors as I travel and work remotely! It’s been an amazing ride.

So it’s natural to say, I love learning new things and discovering applicable insights whether to my passions or work.

Aside from work, I have many random interests and hobbies including being part of the Australian National Team in a Japanese martial arts called Taido, I have an art instagram called The Travelling Sketchbook and currently learning Spanish in South America.

Welcome to my blog and please join me on my journey by following my blog below 🙌🏼

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