How much did you spend travelling?! A complete breakdown of travel costs in Europe, US & Mexico.

A lot of people have recently been asking me to do a price/ budget breakdown of how much Dexter and I have been spending whilst travelling. To be honest, I was also curious to see exactly how much we’ve spent but every time I thought about trawling through my credit cards and backtracking my expenses, […]

How I applied Ramit Sethi’s ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ to systemize my personal finances

Hola from Mexico! I left Sydney a year ago and since then have been to 17 countries (including a 6-month relocation to Singapore)! With all that traveling, I thought I’d finally really take a look at my finances and make sure that whilst I’m having fun and working, I still have money left afterwards to […]

2019 mid-year reflection: Living my life to my values

Mid-last year, I made the heart-wrenchingly difficult decision to wrap up my own company, Austern International of 5 years. It wasn’t because the business wasn’t doing well. It was making more money, and we were getting more students joining our Career bootcamps than all our previous years combined. But I felt like personally, I was […]